What are the main findings near the closure of the project?

What were the main challenges partners found in CHIC & how did you overcome them?

From CHIC partners perspective, what is the take home message?

How will the CHIC project benefit the different type of stakeholders (industry, academia, NGOs)?

How will the CHIC project will benefit society within & beyond Europe?

Do you foresee a follow up CHIC project? Why? and under which topic?

What do you think the new communication methods such as cooperation with artists brought to CHIC?

Meet the members of the CHIC Stakeholder group

Why Stakeholders are interested in the CHIC project?

How does CHIC Project benefit society according to the Stakeholder group members?

The contribution of CHIC stakeholders to CHIC project

CHIC Days in Murcia, Spain with students!

CHIC Days in Murcia, Spain!

Jordi Borjas – Lemon Pie Tutorial

Jordi Borjas – Souffle Tutorial

Biotechnology From the Blue Flower: The Unnatural, That Too is Natural Webinar

How to exploit results from CHIC project?

MyCHIC Farm Augmented Reality Game

IBISS participation in a regional workshop on biotechnology

Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication

Why Engaging Stakeholders in Chicory Research is Important

European Researchers’ Night – The Future of Tomorrow

Animation for Assessing the Intestinal Permeability and Anti-Inflammatory Potential of Sesquiterpene Lactones from Chicory

Towards a new variety of chicory: socio-economic and environmental impacts

European Science Week Webinar

Technical- and Risk- and Regulatory Assessment of NPBTs

Implementation of NPBT in Chicory for Bioactive Terpenes

Implementation of NPBT for Dietary Inulin

Development of Four Conceptually Different NPBTs

Art and Science Engage YOU in Chicory Research

When Gene Editing is Cool: Get the Best out of Chicory Plants

Chicory Research – For Healthy Diets and Human Health

Do you know what is CHIC?

Biotechnology from the blue flower by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May

Biotechnology from the blue flower by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May

Chic Project (English version)

Chic Project (French version)

Chic Project (Dutch version)

CHIC animation

The deep-rooted truth about chicory root

Chicory roots will boost your gut health say scientists

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