MyChicFarm is an augmented reality game developed by DEI Lab at UC3M where players  (farmers) wear Hololens glasses to grow chicory crops and make the most money out of them.

The farmer starts with a certain amount of money that can be used to buy chicory seeds. Seeds have to be planted, grown, collected, and sold in the market. The price in the market would vary based on the quality of the crops that are affected by events like droughts, rain, or the amount of pesticide used to defend the plantation from plagues.  To ensure the quality of the next crop the player can invest part of the money in NPBTs and produce health-related products such as inulin and terpenes. All these mini-games are played using natural interfaces based on gestures.


CHIC Partners Visit 2 Secondary Schools in the Netherlands to Showcase AR Game

An augmented reality (AR) game was developed for the CHIC project to allow students, or the young generation, to learn more about new genome editing techniques and, of course, learn more about the CHIC project. Developed by DEI Lab at UC3M in Spain, MyCHICFarm allows users to grow chicory crops and make the most money by planting chicory using Microsoft’s Hololens. In short, a farmer (user) starts with a fixed amount of money to buy chicory seeds, plant them, grow them, collect them, and then sell them in the market. Based on the quality of crops, the price change. It is also affected by unexpected events such as droughts, rain, and insects, for example. The game also includes a way to utilize CRISPR/Cas technique on plant DNA.


28/09/2021 – Alberdingk Thijm Scholen, Laren, The Netherlands


30/09/2021 – Sg Spieringshoek, Schiedam, The Netherlands


March, 2020: Stand Comunidad de Madrid at AULA 2020

Aula 2020
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