Country: Spain


ROLE IN THE PROJECT: Communication and dissemination Coordinator

IDConsortium is a Spanish private company, proactive and skilled in integrated management, dissemination and exploitation of R&D and innovation (Research, Development and innovation) of all types of private companies, as well as regional, national and European organizations. It was founded in 2009.

Its performance is mainly based upon the listed strategic lines:

1. Internationalisation of Research and Innovation in Spain, through the mobilization of European Consortia with high visibility in Spain to develop Research and Innovation activities.

2. Collaboration in research, development and innovation project designs and planning, starting at the preparation phases all the way to their execution.

3. The management of the dissemination and communication of results in R&D projects.

4. The management of financing lines other than the traditional Funding Agencies, for investment projects in companies and of any kind of entity.

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