Activities aimed at university, phd and post doc students:

Several activities will be co-organized by project partners for university students, phd and post doc students. These events will be announced in the website (section “Events”) and social networks in advanced.

EPS CRISPR/Cas Hybrid Workshop 2021

Last September 2021, the CHIC project participated at EPS CRISPR/Cas hybrid workshop held in Wageningen University and organized by The Graduate School, Experimental Plant Sciences. The 2-day event was filled with amazing speakers including John van der Oost, Professor of Microbiology and Renze Hiedsra, Associated Professor from Wageningen University and Research, and our very own Katja Cankar, DLO Researcher, BioScience, Wageningen University, and Research, Paul Bundock, Researcher from KeyGene from the Netherlands, Armin Spok, Technical University Graz, Austria & Thorben Sprink, Julius Kuehn.

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