Fondazione Edmund Mach

Country: Italy


The Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) is a leading Italian institution active in research, technology, and technology transfer related to the agro-food sector. FEM is a public agency under private law jurisdiction and comprises a Research and Innovation Centre, a Training and Education Centre, and a Technology Transfer Centre, all carrying out activities in the fields of agro-food and sustainable development. Currently, FEM makes up a full-scale rural centre stretching out over a 14-hectare campus, with classrooms, greenhouses, offices. FEM owns 120 hectares of land cultivated with apple and grape and 80 hectares of forests. Nowadays around 800 students attend classes, assisted by over 100 teachers. 59% of FEM personnel are males. The majority of collaborators are 30-50 years old. Thirteen percent is of foreign nationality.

FEM is organized into Centers geared to the specific aims of:

1. Education and Training;

2. Research and Innovation;

3. Technical Experimentation and Transfer.

Today, the goal of improving the characteristics and potential of agriculture is reached through the integration between the school, the Research and Innovation Centre, and the technical support provided to companies and farms. From 2010 to 2016, more than 100 research projects have been granted (or are being evaluated) to Research and Innovation Centre researchers, both as partners or coordinators. About 50 projects were financed by the European Community. The Research and Innovation Centre currently (2016) manages/has managed 40 FP5, 6, 7/H2020 projects.

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