Communication and Dissemination

The CHIC consortium is making an important effort to raise awareness of the benefits that NPBTs can bring to consumers by enabling the production of better food from a health and safety point of view.

To this end, partners are being very active participating in different types of events where interesting discussions on NPBTs are being held.

It is worth to mention that during the  20th and 21st of July 2019, the CRISPRcon conference was organized by  Wageningen University and Research and the Keystone Policy Centre in Wageningen, The Netherlands. The objective of the conference was to foster discussions about the future of CRISPR and related gene editing technologies across a variety of applications in agriculture, health, conservation and more. Researchers, industrial representatives, consumer organizations, organic farmers, traditional farmers, patients’ organizations, policy makers, EC representatives, environmental associations and students, took part in the conference.

It was interesting to see that many of the topics that were discussed at CRISPRcon are addressed by CHIC such as the importance of hearing diverse voices, regulation of process or product, traits that are beneficial for consumers, large scale (staple crop farming) versus small scale local farming, access to CRISPR technology (IP and patents),  safety assessment, regulation and who decides. 

EPSO encouraged the partners to use the international Fascination of Plants Day around 18 May 2019, which is coordinated by EPSO, to engage the public in interactive events on plants including e.g. NBTs, horticulture, CHIC…

Some partners have presented the CHIC project in the European Researchers Night. It was a great success because very nice experiments were made with children and their families.

During October 2018 CHIC was invited to participate in the Euronews Science Program “Futuris”. After two intensive days shooting and making interviews in Wageningen University, Key Gene and Sensus, the documentary was on air on October 14t. The videos have received more than 8.000 visits in youtube. Both documentaries are uploaded to the CHIC youtube channel. h 

Art& Science activities 

Art& and Science activities started in 2019 and it is expected that very nice pieces of artwill be developed by our outstanding artists during 2020. .   

In regard to the work being developed by the artists Anna Dumitriu and Alex MayBiotechnology from the Blue Flower are working with CHIC Consortium members to develop a new sculptural and bio-digital installation. If you want to know more about the work being developed by Anna and Alex please go to the following article.  

Jill Scott and Marile Hahneare developing “AFTERTASTE”. It is an art and science project that aims to stimulate reflection for more public audiences. The project is based on the health of the human olfaction and gustatory systems and the feedback between these systems and the content is based on the primary and secondary compounds found in the chicory root. If you want to know more about the work being developed by Jill and Marile please go to the following article.

Training Activities

IDConsortium is collaborating with the University Carlos III of Madrid, in concrete with the “Interactive Systems Group”,  to develop an educational and interactive game for CHIC project. During 2020 “MyCHIC Farm” is expected to be released. The plater (“the farmer”) have to consider how to improve his farm, having to decide to continue with the classic chicory crop production or to use biotechnology to improve the yield and to bring out new products that are more beneficial to society and for the economic performance of his farm. He will face numerous problems such as pests, droughts, regulations, price changes in the market… New technologies (virtual and augmented reality) will be used and will be presented at different schools and events related to education and science for and with society.

Training programmes will be launched in 2020 for young researchers (university, phd and post doc) as well as farmers and workers in the sector who may be interested in the results of the project.

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