Meet Maria Hingsamer!

“It is very interesting to collaborate in this project with the different project partners working in completely different fields, contributing with their expertise to a common goal, and work together in an interesting, fruitful project,” said Maria Hingsamer, WP5 Coordinator of the CHIC project.

As the leader of the “Socio-economic and environmental impacts on the whole value chain” work package, together with her team, they are evaluating socio-economic and environmental impacts on the whole value chain of new chicory variants. Therefore, a socio-economic impact assessment and an environmental assessment of New Plant Breeding Techniques (NPBTs) and the whole value chain are performed. For their assessments, they need information from all other project partners, a good collaboration is therefore very important for them. In addition, they also quantitative assessments, which is qualitative research on societal issues hindering or facilitating chicory innovation.
According to Hingsamer, she thinks that it is worth it to work on NPBTs now and in the future. However, it also needs efforts to show and evaluate the different impacts of the NPBTs, to gain confidence from the public, and to ensure that NPBTs will not harm the environment or the general public.

Wageningen University Research (WUR) invited her and her team to join the project due to their expertise. Her team from Joanneum Research (JR) regularly collaborates with WUR for several years now and they have collaborated on several other interesting European projects in the past.

Her favorite memory so far of her time working on the CHIC project, besides a good collaboration and the power of the project team, was the tasting of the very special chicory roots and the different products derived from the chicory root at a project meeting in Wageningen. For her, it was very interesting to get to know this special plant at the beginning of the project and get more about the plant over the years. And as the project is drawing to a close, she will miss the contact, collaboration, and exchanges with other project partners. She hopes that they can work on future projects together again.

Maria Hingsamer holds a diploma in Environmental System Sciences with a special field in Geography from the University of Graz. Since 2010, she has been working as a scientist and project leader at Joanneum Research in the Institute for Climate, Energy, and Society. Her main research areas are environmental assessment based on life cycle assessment (LCA) with a focus on biofuels, biomaterials, biorefineries, and integration of new technologies in existing infrastructure.


Work Package Leader

Maria Hingsamer, WP5 Coordinator

Socio-economic and Environmental Impacts on the Whole Value Chain

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