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The CHIC project continues to provide updates and organize fun activities for everyone. It is a way to share with you what is happening at the project. We continue to share with you updates through our social media postings and published news articles.  During the last 11 months, we are glad to share with you that Jill Scott and Marille Hahne continue to develop the artistic work “AFTERTASTE,” which is based on the health of the human olfaction and gustatory systems and the feedback between these systems and the content is based on the primary and secondary compounds found in the chicory root. Anna Dumitru and Alex May continue to work on its sculptural and bio-digital installation entitled “Biotechnology from the Blue Flower.” The art installations continue to progress forward, and we are looking forward to sharing these amazing artworks very soon.

Educational activities for high school students have started to get off the ground. MyCHICFarm, an augmented reality game, and CHIC-Bubbles, a virtual reality game have garnered positive feedback from the students so far. Some CHIC partners have visited schools in The Netherlands and Spain and we are looking to continue to share this amazing technology at several schools in Europe. CHIC Days, an organized event with different schools, is already on the way, and we plan to visit a few schools in the next few months. We will certainly share more about these events in the coming months so stay tuned.


Last year, some CHIC partners organized a few events, including “Capture the Future(s): OUR BIO-TECH PLANET. The Routes to Roots Networks and Beyond,” where CHIC artists showcased and discussed their work. This event explored interconnections between environmental, cultural, and social-political issues that shape our future. The CHIC project was also part of a cooking show where world-famous pastry chef, Jordi Boras of Spain, taught the audience how to make two ground-breaking inulin-based recipes, Chocolate Soufflé and Lemon Meringue Pie. The CHIC project also organized a webinar with a group of scientists and researchers along with artists Anna Dumitriu and Alex May. These artists discussed with CHIC partners its project called “Biotechnology from the Blue Flower” and also explored the methodologies of gene editing using the CRISPR technique.


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